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Books Autographed By The Author!
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Dec 22, 2010

Computer Slaves (New Poem) 12/20/10

What was spoken of somewhere at sometime in the deep and dark past has now come into being.  The future age is here.  Flying cars, no not yet.  Jet packs, no sorry not yet.  Living on the moon....once again no, not yet.  But what then is it? Computers.  Computers.  Computers.  Computers, my friend.  That's what it is in this day and age.  We are slaves to our computers.  Long ago before this modern age if someone said the world would be ruled by computers and other hi-tech devices they would just shake their heads and call you crazy.  But look around.  Just look.  Yes, right now.  Everywhere you look we are either plugged into or logged onto some type of computer.  Is it madness?  No, not yet. 


Dirty Butter said...

I'm logged in almost all the time from getting up until watching a little TV at night. So I'm guilty.

Don said...

I'm guilty too. :) I love computers, and went to the point of getting a PhD degree in computers. :) I'd love to see the other things too though!

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