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Books Autographed By The Author!
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Jan 31, 2011

UnShowered (New Poem) 1/31/11

George Killian's beer.
Empty coffee cup.
Unshowered and watching a movie about Charles Bukowski from on my computer.
Still in my sleep pants and a t-shirt or some may say pajamas.
My glasses are broken.
So I have my contacts in.
Wrapped up in a blanket.
It's been a lazy, lazy, oh so lazy Sunday.
Do I have to work tomorrow?
Yes, I do but I work the night shift so it's okay to stay up a little bit late tonight.
Another sip of beer.
Just chilling and relaxing.
Yes! I can sleep in tomorrow.
Oh, and don't worry I will take a shower tomorrow morning....I promise.


cube said...

It's your life. Live it as you please.

Don said...

Live it as you please, but a shower is nice if you are mingling with the rest of life. ;)


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