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Books Autographed By The Author!
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May 31, 2011

Solving Modern Day Problems (New Poem) 5/29/11

Too many thoughts inside the mind.
Solving modern day problems that in reality aren't 
really problems at all.
Stop and think.
We create everything except ourselves.
Hi Mom.
Hi Dad.
Hello Krishna.
Even if you do not exist, it doesn't really matter in the end.
But what if it does, what if it does matter?
So I say again.
Hello, Krishna.
Hello, Krishna.
Not afraid to die.
Not afraid to die.
I'm sure it's happened many times before.
Money doesn't matter.
(It's only paper)
In the end what can we take with us.
In the end what matters most.
In the end we all know the answer to that.
(Smile and say hello to Love)  
Right now it seems so simple.
We have everything that we need.
We have so much, should we give some of it away?
Think about it.
We are blessed and we don't even know it, 
there is no reason to complain.

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