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Author Website:  Hound Dog Books
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Sep 7, 2014

Porn Poem (Not Safe For Work) 9/6/14


Aug 29, 2014

Hello Buddha (New Poem) 8/21/14

Back on the path.
Went down a different road for awhile 
chanting the Hare Krishna mantra.  
You know the one.  The one that goes like this:  
Hare Krishna.
Hare Krishna.
Krishna.  Krishna.
Hare. Hare.
Hare Rama.
Hare Rama.
Rama. Rama.
Hare. Hare.
I tried to be a good devotee of the Lord Krishna but it 
just wasn't meant to be.  No harm done, at least I tried.
Yes at least I tried.  
So now with a quick and sudden decision I will travel 
down the road in the footsteps of the Buddha.
Hello, again. 

Drinking (New Poem) 8/17/14

Damn, I'm getting old.
It's past one a.m. in the morning and I'm still up.
Been drinking Moonshine (legal moonshine that is) for most of the night.
Good old "Virginia Lightning" 100% corn whiskey (Damn, good stuff).
Even though I have to work in the morning I'm still up and feeling fine.
No need for sleep.  Oh no. no. no.
Not a care in the world.
Just listening to the music channels on Direct TV.
So many great songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and of course the 90's.
Scribbled and scratched out words in the clear light of day reveal this 
late night drunken rambling poem to be completely full of....s....h....i....t.  

Aug 5, 2014

Something Is Missing (New Poem) 8/5/14

Something is missing.
What it is I can not say.
It's like something that you forgot to pick up at the grocery store 
and you can't remember what it was.
Kinda like that nagging feeling that you left the oven on.
It feels like I should be doing something.
Something useful.
Something meaningful.
Something important.
But I have no clue of what it is. 

Aug 3, 2014

The Poems Of Summer (New Poem) 7/22/14

Where are all the poems of Summer?
Lost or maybe locked away.
Maybe even forgotten somehow.
Fireflies and spiders.
Late night drinks and classic mid-night movies.
No need to set the alarm.
Go ahead and sleep in.
Let's continue dreaming for awhile.

Jul 11, 2014

The River (New Poem) 5/9/14

The grass is still wet from the rain.
No cars or trucks are on the road.
The moon is hiding behind a blanket of hazy clouds.
All the small shops and local restaurants hang the familiar 
"Closed" sign upon their doors. 
While families rest peacefully in their beds a single porch light 
shines on through out the night.
Somewhere in the darkness a neighborhood cat roams about.
The only sound outside is the calm and comforting sound 
of the river current flowing by.

Shit (New Poem) 4/29/14

Did you forget how to write?
Well , why aren't you writing?
I don't know.
Shit just get's in the way sometimes.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, you know what.
You just wrote something.
Hey, I did didn't I.
Yeah, too bad it's just stupid shit though.
Oh, yeah, I know.  Too bad.