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Aug 28, 2016

The Dangerous Poet (New Poem)

Can poetry hurt you?
Can it make you go insane?
Can it destroy your soul?

Noooo!! (New Poem)

The first day back to work after a very long and relaxing vacation is always the hardest.
You don't want to get up after the alarm goes off. 
(You just don't).
But you do anyway because well....because you have to.
The drive to work is a mind numbing blur.
Yeah, I know.  
(It sucks).
Then as you walk towards the entrance to your 
work place it begins.  
Here it comes.  
(Get ready).
Welcome back to....WORK!!!

Miles Away (A Vacation Poem)

Miles away from work and home.
Big ocean waves.
Hot sun.
Lots of rum and coke.
A perfect summer vacation with great food and fun times.
Not wanting this to end.
This feeling.
This place.
This nice little get away from it all.

Jun 29, 2016

Thoughts Of Summer (New Poem)

We meet again.
Warm summer day.
Resting in the shade.
A night filled with fireflies and soft cool breezes.
A cold drink in one hand and no worries at all.

Jun 2, 2016

Tuesday....again (New Poem)

At one time I believe I've written a poem about Tuesday.  
So here's another one.  (If by chance I am mistaken about writing a poem about Tuesday then this will be the first one).

So here it is....

Yesterday it  was bright and 
sunny, but not today.
Today the darkness of rain clouds cover 
the sky in gray and black.  
As the rain continues to pour 
down upon the Earth.

Monday (New Poem)

(It's a short poem)

Another Monday.
Another year of broken 
New Year's resolutions.
Another day of 
endless bullshit.

Apr 25, 2016

Don't Look At The Clock (New Poem)

It's a death trap.
Slowly killing us all.
That damn clock.
That damn clock on the wall.
Laughing at us as the hands move by in slow motion.
Never moving forward.
Even moving backwards so it seems.
Damn You!!
Damn You!!
Damn You!!
Stupid clock on the wall.

(Dedicated to the clock on the wall at work)