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Apr 25, 2016

Don't Look At The Clock (New Poem)

It's a death trap.
Slowly killing us all.
That damn clock.
That damn clock on the wall.
Laughing at us as the hands move by in slow motion.
Never moving forward.
Even moving backwards so it seems.
Damn You!!
Damn You!!
Damn You!!
Stupid clock on the wall.

(Dedicated to the clock on the wall at work)

The Blanket (New Poem)

Wrapped up in a blanket.  
No matter what kind of weather it is outside or what time of year.  You will find me on the couch wrapped up in a blanket. For that is the way of things.  That's how I roll.

(Just call me Linus....you know from the Charlie Brown comic strip also known as 'Peanuts') 

Feb 21, 2016

The Forgotten Blog (Not Forgotten)

Hello Blog, it's me.
No I haven't forgotten about you.
Just been a little busy that's all.
Don't worry.  You're still my number one blog.
(Yes, you and also Tumblr).
Looking over a few tiny notebooks filled with new poems (Yes, new) and also a few more mini-blog essay ideas.
So, no I repeat.  
No, I haven't forgotten about you.
New original poems and more will be coming soon.
Soon. Soon. Soon. 
Yes, Soon.   

Aug 9, 2015

Sand (a beach poem)

Sand is everywhere.
Sand is on the beach and in between our toes.
Sand is inside our shoes and inside our swim suits.
Sand is nestled in our beach towels and neatly tucked around the corners of the shower bathmat.
Sand is everywhere and it's absolutely perfect,
just as it should be.

Jul 22, 2015

The Forgotten Summer (New Poem)

After years and years of constantly working 
Summer-time feels less and less like it should.
Then on a few rare occasions work and all 
the other bullshit seems to disappear.
A smile appears on a tired face.
The long, lost, and forgotten Summer 
has finally returned.

Jun 13, 2015

What Are You Going To Do With All Those Frisbees? (New Poem)

What is the purpose of a writer?
To write and to keep on writing and not spend 
money on crazy gimmicks and promotional 
products with your website on it.
I should be drinking coffee and 
working on my novel.
Instead what am I doing?
Stupid stuff like ordering a bunch 
of frisbees with my website on it.

Atheist Poem (New Poem)

A sudden change in belief?
No, it happened gradually one tiny step at a time 
and then all of a sudden one leap of faith into the 
wonder and awe of non-believing.
Oh, God!!
No....No God.
At first it seemed strange saying it.
You know, the "A" word.
Asshole?  No, not that one.
The other one....Atheist.
I'm an Atheist.
There I said it.
Now, was that so hard to say?
Is that so hard to believe?