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Apr 1, 2018

The Fart Poem (New Poem)

Well, they say write what you know 
about and I know a lot about gas.
As a matter of fact.
Shhh....don't tell anybody but I have gas right now.
Excuse me.
Man, this poem stinks.

God, I Love This Song! (New Poem)

Crawling back to what feels familiar and natural.     
  Music shines through as the drinks keep on coming. 
            Another song.
               Another great band.
                   Another night of familiar memories.               
                             Another night of new memories.
                                      Another night of great music.
                                                       God, I love this song!

The Death Poem (New Poem)

So it seems we have made it well past the age of 27.
Even into our mid-thirties and forties.  
If we've made it this far then who 
or what can stop us now?

Nobody can.

Nothing can.

Well, maybe Death.

Yeah, Death can probably stop us but so what.
Death is just Death right?
Nothing more....nothing less.
Just Death.  

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